"Secret Monster Appearance Change"

So this is what devs meant:

Z19 GaryOak

What the heck?

Yeah there is shiny legend now
Trust Gary oak to catch one first poor ash

Shiny Legends? I wonder how that would work.

Either way, that shiny Lavahawk looks amazing! Blue fire aesthetics has always been a favorite of mine.

Is this how devs are fixing the dupe issues? Doesn’t look too bad to me

Ye I’ve got this awesome loch

Does a shiny one act differently or just look differently?

same moveset but different looks

Shiny Kami as well

Red gyarados coming up at the lake of rage

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Altie was lucky to grab one

Are the stats same as well?


Can you play both monstera at the same time?

Also do potions transfer or not

What happens if you get a dupe? Does the old one change appearance or do you get a second one? Or does it only work if you didn’t yet have the monster?

You cannot play both monsters at the same time.

Potions do not transfer at all.

You get a second one if you already had the monster.

I just notice that the shinies have a different number because the origanal orbling has no. 840 while the red one has no.12?? (sorry I forgot the last two numbers).

Then we’re Facked… seriously whats the point of those shiny whatever? Another monster to be DUPED? bleeeeh

they’re shiny, that’s good enough for me :joy:

nice if there is any more shiny legends, please post it here even though i don’t get single one of them