lavaronix in super challenge battle

Why is it blue? and how do i get mine to become blue. do they just turn blue as soon as you make them +9 or something like that.

Certain legends are different colours you get them by random chance in the egg nest

That would actually be a brilliant idea.

nah. its just another way for the devs to earn a little extra cash. these “shines” are useless. if you have a +9 lava and then you get a shiny lava you have to pot him to +9 i.e it doesn’t get those pots from the regular. stats are same. moves are same. everything is same except for cooler. also if u have ordinary lava in the team you can’t put the shiny one and vice versa. so its pretty much useless. maybe in the future it may be tweaked but as of now its crap

So how does it earn them cash excatly?

well there must be some extreme players who will spend to get there hands on them. if not someone buys gems hatches and gets one of these. he could have gotten some other legend but he got this so iif he already has a lava then this one will be useless to him

Well as far I have heared the way shiny rolls is when you hit a monster it will check if that monster has a shiny form, if so there is a chance for it to be shiny. So it wont affect the chances to get other legendaries. If shiny wasn’t a thing you would just have gotten a dupe anyway.

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Yup I agree Moonblade. Shinies are a fun addition which people immediately gave hate because the older players don’t want to pot them. They call them “unusable”, a “cash grab” and all that stuff. Nobody is forced to use them instead of their non-shiny version and it’s only a “loss” of a single legendary potion if you roll one. I’d happily take a shiny and when I have pots to spare I’ll get it up like my non-shiny version.

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yeah but if shinies werent a thing you would have gotten a pot on your monster instead of a useless shiny

Shiniest are great for using as a shared monster but not in your actual team :+1: