Saved File Corrupted

Also in regarding of this problem I recently updated this game in ver. 1.3.8 and it says Saved file corrupted. I don’t know what to do?? Pls help me!!! I’m using “Oppo Joy3 A11w, 4.4.2”  

Uninstall th game then rrstart ur cp then Install again then use ur restore code boom its back

Bro its not working in my moto g 2 2nd gen in 2 user id
I uninstall it in my 2 User id and reinstall it but after it is telling for corrupted file …
Is anyone havE solution

ah is that so then u need to go to settings/app/neomonster/clear data then uninstall again then restart you cellphone then install again the app in the playstore only thats what i do it works for me we have the same problem bro. i uninstall and install the app twice