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Im gonna report it again because i emailed to neomon support and just got ignored so i’ll report it again.When i start playing neomonster i encountered this issue at the beginning and i immediately report it to neomonsupport and its been a month that i report it and hoping that this will fix in next update.After i update it from v2.13 to v2.14 im excited that this will fix but its not and my problem is getting worse than before after i play neomonster for about 10min or more it just suddenly crash and it happen most of the time i play and i hate it please fix it.I cannot enjoy the game if i experiencing this issue :(.

I think there’s a problem with your device.
Just which phone are you using ?

And yes! Welcome to our community :open_hands:

Yea its device problem but its only in this game that i encountered this problem.
I’ve been using my device for about 5 years and only this game have this problem.

Thanks for welcoming me to the community :slight_smile:

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

Impressive you have an awakened Kunomi at only hero rank 55!

What email address did you contact? They changed email address earlier this year and it hasn’t been updated everywhere. The correct email address is:

I’m pretty sure that was testing it in the SCB event wen it was released because it’s alongside the 2 dolphins and the earth rhino

Lol very good spot!

It is not my monster it is on super challenge

I contact on
Well i just gonna email to that address thanks

I feel like as if somehow the game isn’t downloading all of the files. You’ve said that you’ve downloaded it from the app store multiple times so 3rd party downloading apps are out of the question… have you tried clearing your cache maybe?

I tried many ways like clearing cache,data,reformatting my phone,reinstall and still didnt fix it

OOO I had it 7 years ago and it’s working even now :joy::joy:

Another game problem :frowning:
In offline story mode Episode 8 which is you played as thale it makes my game unplayable.Whenever i play offline story ep.8 it makes my game so laggy and it will go and go until it crashes.Other modes is fine but in offline story ep8 is unplayable for me :frowning:

Is is after defeating the Grand champion and the person behind Othlon ? If yes, the khanate invasion and episodes after it are online.

After defeating khanate invasion which is u played as thale that is the laggy episode i’ve experiencing.yea its online but it is (to be) considered as offline story mode for me because it is in the offline story section