I want to give my 2 cents about this s**tstorm of some guys. First of all I don’t know you and you don’t know me. You will declare me a noob. So what? I am a noob in a game. A GAME. Maybe you don’t see any space between reality and a game. We all started from zero. And we all have our knowledge about the game from other players who played longer. So yes everybody was a noob before. So I ask you why you have the right to blame someone who want to help new players? Now after cashing and knowing something you think you are better than the new guys? I can understand it’s annoying to read the same question for 500 times but common. Maybe you try to compensate something with this game or define your self esteem with it. But the reality is. This is just a game. Only zeros and ones programmed.
Call me what you want. I am with toxik

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You are a new noob !

Hey you said we can call you whatever we want !
PS : I’m a new noob too !

Well thats a disgusting sounding storm. I think I would stay inside if the weatherman ever call3d for that…

Can I ask what your point is?

What happened to you mate?

Excellent first post @gatn :+1:


huh ?

This thread only seeks to bring out hate. I’m sorry that you feel like people are being elitest but this forum is a place to discuss the game, not to argue about how people are treating others. I will try to help minimise elitest or cruel behaviour here where I can. I hope that’s enough for you.

I’m closing this thread before any further arguing or mockery ensues.