Run from battle

First off love the game, when I found the gem that was dragon island I was psyched for this game. This issue I have is simply a quality of life issue.

Only issue I have is the only battles I feel I want to run from it is not allowed and I have to sit there and wait for my entire team to get floored. Just remove the run from battle since the only times you really feel the need to run it is not allowed.

I don’t know. There are cases when you might want to use it from the wild monster battles. I don’t think there’s any reason to remove it. With that being said, I think that we should be able to escape from a quest battle and just get sent back to town from doing so.

Or since there isn’t really a penalty for a whipe, maybe a yield option to end re battle quickly. Sometimes I’m just like… Ok ok messed up wandered to the wrong place but oops gotta wait for my entire line up to get K.O before I can try again.

There is a time penalty for losing the battle. The “try again” option would take away the time penalty. But the question is: would that matter?

The thing I wanted was a higher chance to run. 80%? 85%? Anything higher than the ~50% we have now.