Dev new event bug

It’s all about speeed

It should be no problem now!

Please check again.

I had 30 tickets wasted there :pensive:

30 we are sorry gems incoming

never in a million years

Just for Mr Extreme


Battle 2 expert shows all Ai’s monsters coming after fire TT are stun immune, though they should not be.

While we’re on the topic of the speed tab, let me share a trick that I discovered a long time ago and that practically no one else seems to know about. Whenever a battle begins, the moment the speed tab appears, you can tap it 3 times quickly, and the battle intro with all the FL monsters appearing will become sped up. Normally the battle doesn’t get sped up until all of the FL monsters have landed on the ground. Just a handy little loophole to get to the fight a little quicker.

Haha been using it since the day speed battle introduced :joy: i thought everyone does tho

Thank you captain obvious.

Well, I’ve seen a ton of videos where people didn’t know about it, so I just wanted to share it to make sure they do.

Good advice,thnx luc