Ruined Chrono?!? Devs Read!

So all that time and effort to log on everyday for God knows how long turning in all 4 ultraevolved starters for this bullcrap? You got to be kidding me! Eggs are way too expensive so you decide to hurt the free to play players by making the biggest nerf known to man on the best legendary we could get for free?? Lmao All because some dude cried about it in forums bc he lost to a free to play minion? You absolutely Rekt this minion. Beyond playable his stats and ability cost is fuc**** laughable. Well played you greedy money hungry fools. Just lost thousands of players over this. 160secs to use fast strike with 22 speed. Lmao Don’t waist your time playing everyday to get Chrono folks. He’s worthless. No matter how you try to justify it, he’s absolute garbage now. Much thanks. I’m done with this game. Hope more people see the ways of you money grubbing fools.

No please, not this sensless argument again…
Anz come here and explain this guy why he is wrong, i really dont have the patiente for it lol

Yea please explain why I lost so much time off my life getting this minion ultraevolved which takes TIME AND EFFORT to get. Not MONEY AND DADDYS CREDIT CARD. Please explain to me why. It wasn’t overpowered my God. If anything it SHOULD BE bc you actually have to spend lots of time to get it ultraevolved. Wait one day PER starter. Then one day again PER starter to to ultraevolve ONE starter. Do that four times to get this garbage of a nerf?? Lmao

‘Lost so much time off my life.’


There I’m giving lochi a reason to lock this thread.

Chrono is still better than a lot of other legends.  Feel free to take him out of your team.

As someone who is P2P, and consequently has a range of legends to choose from - I will still choose to run Chrono in my team (over many other legends). Faststrike was never meant to be his primary move

Stun immune… timestrike all… bloodthirst and faststrike… pretty good if you ask me!

He said he was done with the game, just say goodbye :smiley:

How better to address issues than with a childish tantrum. sigh

Lets be real, he can act the way he likes, there was a lot of time and resources wasted in getting this Legend Ultra Evolved, so any nerf to it for people that don’t have a lot of legends are gonna be negative.

It’s feels like you got a free gift and now their taking it away.

The nerf is not super major but for some it might be.

Definitely and I might even argue that it is a super major nerf for newbies who, until now, had a really strong guaranteed mon in Chronox (who suffers particularly much with his lack of Timestrike All and Bloodthirst).

The thing is, how you voice your concerns and some hissy fit is just about the worst way. Mind you, it’s absolutely expected, but virtually flipping the finger at the devs while screaming obscenities and lies while, of course!, proclaiming the game’s doom… meh.

honstly nerfing his speed by a huge amount wasnt nessarcy 40 speed would be fine

Unomn, Because I believe he has Bloodthirst which is an amazing sweeper. 

Chronozar was already as good as Chronozeros. Why even bother evolving it?

Bloddthirst and stats. The stats make his moveset do a lot of damage.

So you just use a Rexkong to get a legendary that Rexkong can easily counter? Imo it was always a waste of starters.

Not if you have aegis

People are raging at a F2P legend because he was nerfed 9,9

Claiming it should be OP because of the time and effort it took to get him 9,9

When I’ve already put literally every argument people have had for him aside in the past 9,9

Keep in mind it only takes 2-3 weeks to farm up the ingredients to ultra evolve him all the way to Chronozeros.

He takes barely any effort at all, just mindnumbing burning of fruits and tickets on starters which honestly, there isn’t much else use for those fruits and tickets anyways with all the events using a new separate ticket system than SotF (and if you do anything else during SotF, you’re not going to get the top rewards anyways).

I believe you missed the point that with the speed nerf, he gained 400 health. He can’t be ultra’d down at the start of the match anymore without locking up your entire lineup. And if you don’t kill him off if someone runs him at start, he’s still going to wreak havoc. He just takes longer to start sweeping, but is still just as dangerous as he used to be. Also the accelerated 69 TU Faststrike was always BS and the move had to be nerfed. It was either damage decrease or TU increase. TU increase is still the better outcome for complainers, as Faststrike will still kill things that it has no business killing.

Well I do agree that it was childish of many at forum to spam thread demanding to nerf chrono as if it were their birthright :smiley: but how you are behaving is even worse.

First of all to be accurate we should replace ‘nerf’ with ‘balancing’ and about chrono not being useful, It still is almost as good as before you just have to give him a little more support in getting the first two kills and then it is good to go.

And lastly about players leaving the game, well it isn’t the only thing that everyone finds unfair, you can take the most rewarding event such as UC as an example , it is so unfair and ‘mean’ that it makes medicine sick xD only favouring sleep/death spam teams which also has made many to quit but at the end of the day devs can’t keep everyone happy, and about chrono everyone’s chrono is getting needed not only yours so take a moment to relax and then decide. Cheers :wink:

I agree that 160tu is a cruel nerf. They shudve just nerfed his speed, you shudnt be trying to deter ppl from using him, the point shud be that hes not as much of a threat. 22 speed is perfect, just enough that @+9 hes still less than legend tt. Thats enough for most ppl to not have to worry about him

nice try i got hit twice. chrono and banedragon.

The problem is that bloodthirst wasn’t even worth using because of it.

the 160 tu on faststrike is fine but the 22 speed is brutal, he could have come in at 40 speed and be a decent answer for TT´s with enough room to counter him.

i like how the treated him from hero to zero best treatment out their

Same Here mate, I have both as well (chrono +9 bane +1)