Rolling Pattern

i was wondering if anyone found a some kind of pattern to when to stop the rolling of the golden eggs. cuz i had been able to establish one last time so i was wondering if anyone had noticed something xD?

Its hoax till i see the video proof xd

it is 100 percent random lol it is for show as in all games like this. There is a randomly selected monster chosen and then the wheel slows down and lands on that but no matter where you stop the wheel when you hit stop it chooses it that instant regardless of arrow position - sorry to break it to ya!

There use to be a way long before but the wheel is random it’s hard to explain but the chance to time it would be like winning lotto now but yes it could be timed to a degree to one stage before the exploit was removed now impossible I have tried

Yes! I heard about that - I didn’t start until Feb. I believe by then it was changed but i have done many “experiments” myself haha

Last month I let it scroll 11 times on legendary and before it went on the 12 I would click stop and I got about 5 legendaries off of it but they change it so now I can’t hit anything good :pensive:

You have to relize that the wheel is only for show what you see and when you press start made no difference the timing was complicated and it was only 1-4 to 1-7 but now it no longer works all
You can do is spin cross your fingers and hope

Cause what happens I think is there are 3 different wheels one external the one we see and two internal and the external one is just for show the first internal wheel follows a pattern a very complex pattern one that can have so many possibilities it use to line up with the external wheel to some degree as you could alter your spin times to move it, now the second internal wheel is the legendary one that we have no control over at all it just cycles through them and gives you whatever I do believe certain people get certain legendaries and monsters and luck depending on their friend code this is all theory though because if I was sure I would have all the legendaries by now

Out of 21 rolls i have 4 legends. So… I just feel it when should i hit stop… I have Nightrider, Godfeather, Stormloch and Orcruiser.

im kinda sad to hear there’s no way to “cheat” this roulette xD. But thx for the info! I’ll stop acting like a maniac with the wheel every time i roll now xD