Rodeknight, how much damage?

With the recent update Rodeknight got new damage moves on both 2nd and 3rd forms. I don’t own this monster so have no idea how much damage it’s now dealing. Could someone with the monster please test it and let me know?

The best way to test it is go to “test your team” and pick the super buffed enemies (button on the right). Use it a few times and let me know the average damage dealt, both to enemies it criticals and ones it doesn’t.

I’d really appreciate if people could do this. I’ve had a tier list update ready to go from the day of the update but don’t want to post it until I know what’s going on with Rodeknight.

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Sorry, can’t help you @Killerdog

I’ve never seen anyone who has that monster, Devs should give you a demo account with all the monsters in oder for you to test stuff for teir ratings and all that stuff. @Dev_VKC please do kd the honors.

I would absolutely love that, for both guide writing and video making (except PvP of course, unless it is friendly duels). I got one for the other game I make videos and guides for. It’s been super useful!

Sadly I have to put up with people like Gary who own the monster but want to give me a hard time by not sharing the info :stuck_out_tongue:


@Dev_VKC give us a Rodeknight in one of the battles of next week’s Biweekly, it’s for the greater good

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2nd form does really low damage. 1800-2000 on standard low defense Mons like ankou, 1200 on earth monsters.



Thanks for some numbers! Was this against super buffed enemies?

Yes, it was in the test your team section with super buffed monsters. With no crit damage is around 400 with buffed enemies, while in PvP he can one shot almost anything that has a revenge passive unless it has hold ground or type disadvantage, but it’s not that tanky as It may seems. Padrinorca Raw chrono killer one shots him most of the time (unless the test your team section with non buffed Mons has actually some kind of damage multiplicator)

Thanks for confirmation! Sounds like it one-shots anything with lower defence (3350 or 3950) but the higher defence things it doesn’t quite do, which seems balanced for the second form and given that it’s relatively tanky plus high speed.

Yeah it would die to Padrinorca’s raw chrono killer. That move takes down anything with standard defence (5225 defence) very reliably, like Vigziarid. Second form mythics have slightly lower HP than a legendary with the same speed so they die to even more of these things. Lancerat is luckily just tanky enough to survive a chrono killer from Chromera though.

I was able to meet an awakened Rodeknight in Balancion’s Trials which I used to test damage numbers. Now I’ve got detailed information on the moves!

Revenge sealer = 0.18, 0.88
Revenge breaker = 0.23**, 0.73**
(** = piercing, the first number is on a non-critical target)

So what this means in reality is…

Lancerat does bad damage when non-critical but can kill all lower defence legendaries with revenges. It’s a similar story with union attack, one-shotting all lower defence but not quite the high defence things.

Rodeknight does surprisingly good damage against non-critical targets, two-shotting legendaries even without attack boost+. With attack boost+ it can one-shot water monsters and has a low chance at one-shotting low HP legendaries. In reality though you do want to use union attack, it’s just good to know if you need piercing damage the revenge breaker is actually great to use. When it’s critical it’s easily going to one-shot heavily buffed enemies, no doubt about that.