Reward for 30 Level 99s

Anybody know what the reward is? I’d like to know before I start the (long) grind. Thanks!

Necrodrake. Great monster.

Can we see a picture please ?

Nope because that would take all the fun out :stuck_out_tongue:

You encounter him in this weeks mission if you haven’t done it already

Say I have got a level 99 Typhoonwyrm, after it is fused for the Omegawyrm, will the Typhoonwyrm still be counted for this quest?

Yes you need to aquire it once even if you destroy it or use it in a recipe, as long as you had it at one time (which you do) it counts for the quest so dont worry c:

Great finding, thanks!

That means if I power level my Typhoonwyrm and Magmawyrm to level 99 and fuse them into a level 99 Omegawyrm, it will save me 1/3 of the time!

That’s how I did it