Retribution suggestion

Hey ,

Even after so many years , i don’t like how retribution gets triggered from enemy self-sacrificing . I guess it’s not gonna change anyways . But here is an alternate suggestion :

Let retribution skill deactivate when someone else in the team uses it before another team member dies !

Stop the chain of retributions for just 1 death .
1 death = 1 retribution use for the entire team


Are you kidding right? :rofl::rofl:
Retribution FL is one of the counter of actually meta
Also,the logic of the skill is

If a friend die the team revenge his soul
If you change it the logic go to hell


And now try to reply in a nice way without telling someone to go to hell because he voiced his opinion


I don’t say go to hell to him
I said the logic go to hell


Deathwarg avenging the ally it killed makes no sense.

He killed it and after got sad :laughing::laughing:

Self sacrificing shouldn’t trigger retribution in the first place


It’s way to op. It needs to get checked, like self sacrificing your monster won’t trigger

If they should check Retribution
Should check too
Fire Link
OoO with Sleep Inmune

I don’t play with retribution but don’t consider it’s too op like you say

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Honestly Carmilla good done pose as a real threat. Don’t agree with one on one or Maeve

Unlike other strats, You’ve got a big counter in Wavetail for retribution. It single handedly stops retribution teams from doing their thing in the first turn of order and gets you all the control needed if in the right setup. Also retribution FLs arent common like other FLs currently, saying from a personal perspective because I haven’t faced much retri teams with my wavetail front.

Exactly bro
Maeve, Skeleviathan,Mantis
Link Fire
All those stuff is more common then Retribution
The only retribution monster i say should be checked is Canishogun

Damn seems link this guy never will stop crying what u think @DMG_Memories

And yet there are two or three children who write to the private saying that he is the best, when all he does is complain, I don’t even know why he plays Neo Monsters

the thing i don’t understand is why people complain about thier opponent giving them one less monster to kill?
Single stun revenge retribution strategy was in fact broken. now that has been fixed. retribution is fine. especially when you consider the monsters out there which are in fact broken (Jackolene and arguably mantisamurai) which should be dealt with first.



And the G.F? :rofl:



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