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Accidentally deleted the app from my phone now I can’t log back into my original saved game. I can’t remember my remote code from my original game is there anything I can do so I don’t have to start from the beginning once again.


You don’t have anything? Not even the friend code? If you remember you in game name contact the support and tell what happened and give them your IGN. Maybe they can give your account back

How do I contact the developers ?

Use the contact us button in the online section.

If you cannot remember your restore code or friend code, make you provide as much details as you can.

Such as your story progress, your legendaries, Hero rank, gems you purchase. It doesn’t have to be very accurate.

Thank you!


I Will say just one thing:
I gave to my little Brother my old account, like some months ago.
My little Brother (12 years old, just saying) deleted accidentally his app. When He asked to the support, they said that He needed to show them the receipts of the purchase (that has been made at least one year ago). He didn’t save his restore code or friend code, but He told them almost all legends He had, the shared Legend and percentage of evolution, his online name and level, the day He was active last time, and the event when He evoked his legendary monsters or when i purchased gems (because i told him).
All this didn’t matter at all. They wanted his receipt. That He cannot have. No in game restore code? No account. I don’t care about the account, but He care a lot.
So that’s not totally true that you can not be specific. An in game restore code or a purchase receipts are way more specific than any detail or information you can give to them.

Sorry about this post. Is just a hope to recover his account.



restore code is not work… how…???


restore code is not work… how…???

please help me…

Help me with my restore code needed to format my cell phone and when I put the code says that I have used it more than 10 times this year and asked to contact the support
I wonder if you can help me or not with this problem

Nedd lost restore code

Hey is it possible to restore your account after wiping my phone’s memory because I don’t even have my restore code?

I am palying neo monsters game. Accidently the game uninstalled and I reinstalled the game . Now i know my restore code but do not know how to get my old account of the game . How can I get my old account? please help me

When u open the game , next to green start button there is a 1990’s floppy disk option . Click it and enter ur code

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thank you for your advice

Bagaimana cara memperbaiki download restorer di Neo monster

I have used a restore code and my old restore couldn’t be found and then I accidentally deleted the new code as well and I don’t know what to do I want my old restore code back what can I do pls tell me​:sob::sob::sob:

I have restore code in my old device… I enter it but the code is not working showing code not found in there servers…what should I do now

Try to check for typing problems like O and 0 or I and l.


Come si recupera il codice ripristino di neo Monster