Nagi’s Wild Adventures


Thank you Evertale team! What a fun event and the hammer fully awakened is leveled up is fantastic!!! :slight_smile: thanks again for new content I can grind with! Even grind for mat pieces :slight_smile:
Keep it up! Can’t wait to see what’s next! :slight_smile:

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I’m enjoying this just as much as neo… Keep it up devs



It is a pretty cool event. I’m using it to get a bunch of evolution materials.

Btw, does anyone know if the hammer is worth getting? What’s the special effect on it?



I think just the fact that it‘s SSR and you can fully awaken it to +4, makes it pretty solid



^ this, even if the effect was trash (which it really isn’t if you’re using a bunch of high end attacks) at max awakening, it will reduce dmg taken by 15% any time you are below 2 Spirit. That alone is decent, but the fact you are able to farm enough tokens to fully awaken and obtain a level 100 SSR weapon - amazing play by the devs. Keep these ideas flowing and frequent enough to keep the game fun/interesting, but not over populate the game = win.



I’m sharing this little guide with you here (ofc I’m gonna try to invite you to our growing discord server :wink: )

Beat the Mission, get Nagi Coins and spend them on the special shop to buy whatever you want.
Missions 7 Easy Story Missions - 25 Mana each (4 Nagi Coins & 30 Gems)
4 Ex Easy Missions - 50 Mana each (9 Nagi Coins)
7 Hard Story Missions - 50 Mana each (9 Nagi Coins & 30 Gems)
4 Ex Hard Mission - 100 Mana each (20 Nagi Coins)

After completing every Mission once you get 420 Gems, Evolution Materials and 207 Nagi Coins To beat the Hard Missions you should at least have a full team of lvl 40 Rares with leveled Weapons. If you don’t, go farm the rares from #rare-monster-units or do some Gacha 10x Pulls. After you feel you have enough strong units you should level them. You can do that by either repeating a bush fight or use EXP Tokens on them. For Ex Hard Missions you should have a good Team and I advice you to always pick a strong mercenary to ensure your win.

The first time you beat a Mission, you get 30 Gems and some Evolution Materials, that is why you should do every of the 14 non-Ex Missions (= 420 Gems). Each Time you beat a Mission you get Nagi Coins (Depending on the Mana Cost). If you repeat a Mission after beating it you will still get the Nagi Coins each time but the Evolution Materials only drop on the Ex Hard Missions (100 Mana). What Stage to Farm Right now the best Stages to farm evolution Materials and Nagi Coins are the Stages Ex Hard 2 and Ex Hard 3. It depends on your team what stage is easier for you (and you could autofight). You will get 20 Nagi Coins and Evolution Material. If you can’t beat the Ex Hard Stage, either level a bit or go for the Ex Easy Stages, those give you less Nagi Coins but have also a Chance for Evolution Materials

Shop Priority for F2P / Casual Players
1 x SSR Hammer (200 Nagi Coins)
9x 6star Neutral Evolution Material (9x 35 = 315 Nagi Coins)
15x 5star Neutral Evolution Material (15x 15 = 225 Nagi Coins)
Unlimited Friendpoints or a second SSR Hammer

Lets do some math. If you are a person that never needs to sleep and you could utilize the mana 100% then you could farm that many coins in 10 Days: 24 Hours = 24 x 20 Mana = 480 Mana per Day -> 4800 Mana in 10 Days. 100 Mana = 20 Nagi Coins -> 48 x 20 Nagi Coins = 960 Coins. The Hammer and the Neutral Evolution Material costs 740, so you would have left about 220 Nagi Coins and you could buy 1 additonal Hammer or 220k Friendpoints. With that many you could do 22x 10k Friend Summons and will get about 120-180 Boostpoints overall (depending on your luck). Then you could use those Boostpoints to increase the stats on your units
Now we all know that people have to sleep and can’t play all day, so you will most likely get about 50-70% of it, making it about 400-600 Nagi Coins. Thats not much, but would be enough to get some value out of it. You could also invest all the 420 gems you get from the event to buy mana (I assume a rank 50 with 100 mana pool). That would get you 2100 Mana -> 420 Nagi Coins. So overall you get 800-1000 Nagi Coins from this event for free.(bearbeitet)

The Last point to talk about: Should you get more than 1 SSR Hammer? Answer: If you are going to awaken the Hammer -> No. If you gonna use the Hammers on your Units -> Yes. Even without Awakening you can get the SSR Weapons to lvl 80. The Difference between a lvl 80 and lvl 100 weapon are about 20% of stats. Unless you are going to compete for the best of the best pvp gamers, a lvl 80 weapon is all you need. Conclusion: If you have slots for more than 1 Red Hammer Weapon (doesn’t matter if you get the passive bonus!) you should try to get multiples, since ssr weapons provide very good stats and don’t require getting awakened to be good.

During the Stages you can only farm these Evolution Materials
Kirin Tail Hair (6 star)
Sakura Branch (5 star)
Bikki Mud (5 star)
Chardinal’s Feather (4star)

If you don’t need something from the shop right now than you should keep up the coins. The shop is gonna stay open 1 week after the events end and then we will get a new event or a banner or you will do some summons. After that you know better what you need exactly.

Kind Regards


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If you can only collect a maximum of 207 Nagi coins, why is the hammer then offered for sale 5x? You can buy this only once !? Finally, the hammer costs 200 nagi coins.
I find this extremely deplorable, you should have at least 395 Nagi Coins available in this event!

So that it would be possible to buy at least 1 hammer and some other items. Since you need so many items to perform even 1x Ultra Evolution, I can not win the last 3 Nagi levels.

For every hero who could help me, I miss too many items for an evolution.

I’ve done a 10x Summon 5 times (1 SR / 1 SSR is guaranteed), but I did not get an SSR Hero. The Premium Friendship Summon is also a joke, it’s called “99% Chance on Boost”, but I only had 1x 3 Boosts, 1x 4 Boosts, and 1x 6 Boosts. At 99%, it should have been at least 8 or 9 boosts per 10000!



you can do missions multiply times to farm nagi coins.



U can repeat it till event is over :expressionless::expressionless:



I think you have misunderstood the friend point odds as well. 99% chance of boost means in the 10 monsters you find from the summon there is a 99% chance that you find AT LEAST 1 monster or weapon with a boost.



This is a sad post



Cringe I’d say, wish he’s trolling