Reduce ticket time recharge?

The events exhaust our tickets pretty quickly, a slight reduction to its recharge time would be nice. I think 4 minutes is reasonable? It’s just crazy that we have to wait 1 hour to get 10 tickets, which isn’t even enough usually to progress in events.

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Events should add a new potion reward that gives like 50 to 100 energy .

Flexibility to recharge energy whenever we like would definiteky make f2p more active.

This feature is actually available in most energy based games .

  1. Recharge through crystals or purchasable currencies.
  2. A f2p recharge pot or something rewarded in events , festivals etc etc

ye they should make one use ticket refills in events


Totally . This game has been for 5 years now . It definitely needs to deviate a bit and explore a lot other FEATURES . And by features , i mean things that won’t be restricted by money or energy .

Unless they have plans to pump out all possible mythics and op skills , drain all money and shut down the server and make neo monsters an offline game ( my money is on this actually )…

Edit : oh I forgot it “deviated” a LOT LOL… BOOBIES


Refilling tickets for 1 gem is very cheap. If you need to do it for the last rewards in events then it’s well worth it. In my 4 years playing I’ve never once had to refill my tickets and been able to 100% complete all events… well except for in the early days of the game where tickets took 10 minutes to refill and SotF was not possible with free tickets.

Tickets keep us coming back to the game every few hours and personally I think it’s been balanced quite well. You can dump tickets quickly in some places and slowly in others if you want to sit down and play for a bit. Most events have entry of 10-15 tickets meaning we can do plenty of battles a day (~20). It probably works out as roughly 1.5 hours a day, with some events being more intensive.

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Maybe reduce the refill time by 3x once a week

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I get that, but it’s just too long for us newer players (maybe it isn’t for you since you’re already used to it?) I like Professor Oak’s idea where we have Items that can instantly regenerate tickets like in other games.

Closing this thread because there’s another on this topic