no event to play

…I think we urgently need an event, because the days without pvp are really boring.

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Yep. They should release 2 big events at the same time. Such as UC and Garcia’s. Without PvP players would have time for 2 big events. IC and time attack etc


And you are forgetting we don’t have PvP cos of the servers !!
2 events at a time ? Can dey handle d heat

I completely agree on having a higher density of events at the same time. Just one event is just way too less to spend time on. If people complain about they have enough, you are not forced to complete all events :wink:

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Back in my day we were lucky to have even one event at a time.

And PvP was only once a month at best for a few days at a time. With incredibly slow battle speeds.

You ungrateful millenials dont know how good you have it.

I remember the days. Tough times :grimacing:

You sound like these old embittered Pensioner who are crying for the old times. Time is changing
Get used to it old fart🤣

Look if you want a job just walk in, ask to see the manager and shake his hand.

Back in my days…the hatch was a rolling system…so??The game must move on…its not an excuse that!!I def agree on those boring days!!!

I like the event density.

I don’t want to be required to spend 3 hours a day in order to play the game efficiently.

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You can play the game effeciently by just logging and closing. Even spending all your tickets in events where entry fee is 10 tickets will take you a maximum of 1 hour without refilling your tickets with a game . How do you manage to play 3 hours. I knew these kind of people would come up. You are never forced to play all events but give the people who want to play more the opportunity to do so

I have 173 tickets or so. This amounts with recharge time to about 18 fights or so once per day.

If each fight takes me ~5 minutes, then it will take me 90 minutes to spend my tickets.

Now, some events have separate ticket systems. If we say, have ultimate challenge going on at the same time, each battle takes 10 minutes(because perfectly executing a sleep lock into a victory can take more time) and it has 10 tickets to use twice a day, then that’s another 100 minutes in the morning, and 100 minutes at night in order to do the event. That’s 200 minutes or so per day. Add on the 90 minutes it takes to spend all my tickets, and that’s 290 minutes per day.

290/60 = 4 hours, 50 minutes per day.

This is ignoring PvP. If we say each pvp battle takes 10 minutes on average(from my own average pvp match time), then we add in another 120 minutes in the morning and 120 minutes at night in order to get full value. That’s another 4 hours of time spent playing the game. This doesn’t take into account the extra super challenge battle, etc…
This makes up a grand total of around 8 hours, 50 minutes a day already to get full efficiency.

In order to play this game as efficiently as possible it has to nearly be your fricken’ job.

I’m fine with pvp + 1 event at a time. It lets me have a life outside of the game lol.

If you want to have events that are there for people that want to play extra, then don’t stick them on a time limit. Make an infinite dungeon or something with rewards the further you go.

The timer system in the game is not respectful to my or anyone’s time at all right now.




This game is the most casual development game I have ever seen. . . It really doesn’t take a lot of time and spending an hour a day on this game is enough.:smile:

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