Reduce the grind

The resource i’m generally short on is silver, so I find it becomes a bit of a grind to accumulate a lot of it. 15 tickets = 70,000 silver.

Devs, would it be possible to have a option to pay 30 tickets for 14,000 or even 45 for 21,000 in addition to the basic 15 tickets. You get the gist.

The battle is easy even for new players as there is little offence from the 8 protectors.
The cost of the silver is essentially the same, but it will just save so much time and I don’t really see a downside, because if someone wants 500,000 silver they can spend all their tickets and get it anyway, adding more levels just saves time.



That would be awesome. Make a 60 ticket battle that offers 280k silver and make it like SCB difficult.

Still a 15 tk=70k silver but makes it more of a challenge and rolls 4 battles into 1.

Good idea. I remember somebody mentioned this a few months ago and the Devs said they will implement it.

Maybe just up the silver output to 100k? Much better imo. Either that or make it faster. How?
Remove the dungeon part. This will be a massive speed boost for bombing through the mines
Auto play. This is obvious…
Perhaps give us higher levels so it can be done all at once.

These ideas are in order of preference.


Same with youth fruits. It’s just tedious to do this over and over at some point.

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Another great idea.

I would love this to come to fruition. The grind for 3 can be really annoying so why not be able to get 15 in 1 battle!

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We are aware of this. We will try to implement this feature asap.


Good thing about Youth Fruit is you might get golden Fruit/extra Fruit from the little battles.

Awesome. Thanks VKC! :smile:

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Fantastic! Thank you!