Today I accidentally made a new account so I went to delete it. When I pushed the corresponding trash can to remove this new file. It deleted both my main account and the recently made. Is there anyway I can get it back at all? I literally spent weeks on the account. PLEASE HELP.

Have you backed it up on iCloud or some sort of storage thing?

If so, you can just recover your files from there. If not… well, I really can’t help you there.

I hope you get it back. :frowning:

If you have an icloud backup that predates the save file deletion, you can restore your device using that backup and recover your files. If you go to your icloud settings it will give you a date and time of the last Icloud backup. Here is a guide from apple on how to do this. You will basically restore the whole device to accomplish this, DO NOT use something to restore just the HI app data, the system will flag you as a hacker. 

Hope this helps

Thanks for the tips guys but sadly I’ve had to start again. Thanks for the help though. :slight_smile: