Recipe Monster Help

I need to know hat monsters g ointo

Luxknight, Shadowlance, Gremknight, Inferneo and Mechadino

I dont have the recipes yet but I want to make sure I capture enough of the recipe monsters when I get to them

Luxknight - Cherubion and Frostjack

Shadowlance - Skullwraith and Frostjack

Gremknight - Knighthawk and Gremly

Inferneo - Spooker and Prometheo

Mechadino - Rexy and Chopperbug

Where would I find knighthawk and gremly those are the only ones I havent found

Knighthawk is found all over the desert…gremly I’m drawing a blank.  he was in a cave pretty early on.  maybe the cave south of Ergan?  may want to double check on that

thanks for the help man


Yes, that’s correct Buzz. :slight_smile: Just clearing up any doubts; it’s called the Cave of Ages.

where can we get chopperbug?

You can get chopperbug in the Giant Forest (where you fought Aborus) or at the beginning of the desert.