Please help!

Could someone please kindly tell me where to find these monsters?

no.112 (it’s in a cave challenge but I forgot which one)

no. 138 and its evolution

no. 148

Also, I couldn’t get the recipe for no.186 after I have finished the whole game. Anyone knows what happens? where was this initially found? 

Thanks a lot! 

112 is Gremly found in cave of ages south west of Ergan.

138 is Sizzler and it is found just outside the Azeris ziggurat south of lassandal.

Not sure about 148, only have it’s evolved form nightmare

nightfoal is egg only

its a pain in the butt but I don’t think there was a good spawn place so they just egged it on

Nightfoal is also available in the grasslands south of eldgard, cant rem exact location tho

Answers a lot then.

Thanks so much guys!!! Really helped me a lot!!

Anyone can tell me where I can find that recipe?? 

That’s found in a hunter’s battle. I believe you can encounter it somewhere on a peninsula, but I can’t remember exactly where. Sorry!