Recipe Monsters

I’m looking to make a high rank shadowlance and Gremknight…I know Gremly is found in the Cave of Ages, but is there anywhere outside of the cave to find him? makes farming easier…as for Shadowlance, spawn spots for Skullwraith that I can farm?  


I don’t think Gremly is found outside of the Cave of Ages, but I got an S gremly from a gold egg.

Skullwraith is all over the wastelands. There isn’t really a particular spot; just walk around and hope to be ambushed by skullwraiths (or just engage the battles haha)

thanks kooka! and a quick question…how do i rank up to “Master Hunter” and “Expert Hunter”??

Not a problem!

You should be able to receive a quest just as you did to rank up your hunter rank last time. If there isn’t one available, tap it anyway and a dialogue box should pop up and tell you what requirements are needed to rank up.

I mean on the forums! I went from Rookie, to Regular, and I also see master and expert

Oh! I see, sorry for misunderstanding.

That will depend on your posts. I don’t know the exact numbers, but eventually, if you keep posting, your forum rank will go up.

Looking up some members, it looks like you will become “expert hunter” at your 50th-ish post, “master hunter” at your 60th-ish post, and “grand master hunter” at your 100th-ish post.

thank you!!! sounds good

Not a problem! ^^

Where do u find nilomoth recipe