recipe locations.

I’ve finished the game but still missing a few recipes such a plasmorex and gremknight.

Any help would be great since i have all of the components to fuse them.


You’ll need to go back and finish old quests first. You might say that you have finished them all…you haven’t.

Go to every town and look for quests, and then finish them all. I think that Gremknight is found in Ergan. Plasmorex is given…uhh…by beating a pyrowhyem somewhere in the desert…that’s a quest too.

Can someone tell me where to find this gremly Monster

Cave of ages, Lolo.

Also still can not find Plasmorex … 

Already had gremknight, was just a bit blind :open_mouth:

But triple checked and no plasmo :frowning:

Make sure you’ve discovered all of the cities in the desert. There are two that are no part of the story.

Check the map.

Yeah i found them last night by myself , kinda hoping there was more undiscovered town in the forest area down the bottom right, but you know… 

Well, you ought to have gotten the plasmorex recipe by now.

Again, go through every single city and go through every single quest…then go back through every single city.

I found like…6 recipes in an hour. There are quests that we brush past without realizing. There are also quests that have prerequisites.

Does anyone know where Joustfish recipe is?

Its on a peninsula area southeast of Larkel

Some of those recipes are hidden on the map :slight_smile:

Sky wolf recipe?

Anyone know where all the gold recipes are?