Rare Gems

So it takes 5, and it is a 1 in 5 shot at a legendary. Not bad. I was hoping for a 1/3 shot or so but I guess it depends on how tough they are to acquire

Im only see this only way to get legend for new player without spending.

It will probably be unobtainable for non spenders just starting out. I mean it’s goi g to be tough getting all the way to the end of some of these events for new guys and gals. But they will get there eventually, it’s a cool feature to introduce. I just hope they don’t monetize it. But can’t say I’d blame them if they did. Something like 10 bucks a spin.

Anyway I’m glad for it. At worst I’ll have 2 gems after the event but I’ll probably push for the 5

Where is the event drafting ?
This survival floor 40 is like ultimate challenge now.
Im glad they give robinator with bloodfury so it can sustain my team

I don’t know, they announced a drafting event and the wording on this event made us think this was that event but surely it isn’t. I’m sure we will see it soon once they work out the mechanics.

I’m on 63, haven’t lost yet but it is certainly harder.

Well, could be worse. 20% is not that bad. I expected 33%, but the existence of this egg is enough for me. I really hope the devs give a couple gems with this new event. I’m probably not making it past the third battle but let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

It’s pointless to everyone that can get to 150 As we have all the super epics il still get it though just in the rare case I get a non dupe legend

Even in the survival of the fittest challenge the new players will have hard time to even reach the first rare gem at 57.

i too hope they dont monetize this rare gem.

Thing is is you plan for buffed teams How many gems would you expect to spend? Say you spend 10 gems, would you rather a spin at the new egg or 2 on the normal one?

Okay more than likely a dupe but there’s a higher chance to get something you don’t have compared to the regular egg.

The whole idea is not bad at all the odds are good and it’s not to hard to get the rare candy plus anything beats the old egg system

My suggestion is not to spend gem first for weak player, floor 50 now and its really good buff if you didnt have staple team

You’re missing the point. If I defend myself, that doesn’t make me a protector. It’s just defense. But if someone attacked my friend, and I stepped in front and fought them, I am a protector. Doom engine isn’t protecting anyone and therefore isn’t a protector.

Wrong thread I guess xD

I’d rather the rare gems be added in daily rewards… It isn’t so effective if only the strong can get it…

Not a bad idea… Even if it was 1 every two weeks or something, that be cool by me

Maybe they will replace ranking gems in events with rare gems.

I definitely think it is headed that way - legendary potions and rare gems…seems worth the grind lol