Rare Gems - Unlucky Players


After completed lvel 120 on SOTF, run 1 rare egg & got Dramega :blush: finally I got him


Got that shield field monster, only missing blue flutter, atra and heavens from rare egg now


15/61, got oniblade and baha


16/62, got cosmo


16/63, grovo dupe


15/77. 2 new SE and 2 SE dupes.


5 rare eggs in another acc: 1 legend dupe and 4 SE dupes. The thing is I have only around 3/4 SEs of the pool, and it just gives me dupes?!
So 12 rare eggs in total today, and only two of them are rainbow and turn out to be dupes.
Devs, you really need to reset the luck factor for every account in next update.


So this festival pure bull****
First 10 rare eggs zero legends all dupes 1 new flutter

Did 12 packs for festival
1 pack 1 legend dupe
2 pack nothing
3 pack 1 legend dupe
4 pack nothing
5 pack nothing
6 pack Zeus
7 pack nothing
8 pack nothing
9 Pack 1 legend dupe
10 pack nothing
11 pack nothing
12 pack 2 tygo dupes

And to top it all off the sale of the gems didn’t even work gems highlighted and didn’t even give me the bonus so all up wasted around 500 dollars for Zeus


He ain’t worth $500


That’s some horrible luck! If the sale didn’t work for you then definitely contact support to get your extra gems. That will be some consolation at least :slight_smile:


Waiting for my reciepts


16/80,2 SE potions and a lunar dupe. And I have to delete it as it is not merged.


U can PM devs and they will fix.

Also there is no Fing way its 40%. Its as broken as Malware Wing sleep. Which @Dev_BRD admitted was a broken RNG.

The rare eggs are a BS joke.


16/66 cosmo and 2 se dupe


I did?

We run tests on Eggs, both simulated, and real, often to confirm the percentages on eggs.


You test real eggs?

What percentage has a dead chicken inside them? :joy::joy::joy:

On my malware wing post you said Unity RNG could be causing flawed randomness. So maybe im overstating what you said, but there was a certain implication that the RNG could be amuk


“No way it’s 40%! My confirmation bias says so!”


Can you guys change the rare eggs to guarantee 1 legend and 2 SE every three eggs? Or allow us to claim other useful stuff instead of rare gems as the ultimate rewards for completing events?


Unity is out of their control I doubt there is an issue with the rng of unity, that would mean just about every rng game on the app store is screwed because they pretty much all use unity. I must say though I did notice that the last time I faced a malwing and I had a stun convertor on the field it didn’t get put to sleep. I was relieved to see that. My last 4 rare egg hatches have been legendaries. 1 dupe though. Maybe your account is cursed?


They cannot change unity API but they can change their way of using random(). One example is computing the difference between the results of two random method invocations, which should bring some better results. Moreover, from the result of malwing at least, they have big problems in their algorithm after getting the value from random().