Ranking system crap


Edit: he never mentioned hero rank. He said rating. Isn’t that RP? Is RP based off hero rank?


Hero rank was just my guess. It could be anything. The “rating” bit VKC was talking about is the leaderboard score/position I believe. Hence once people reach a certain amount of leaderboard score or get up to a certain position then they get knocked up into a higher tier of players.


They did it this way to allow new players to get good rankings and prizes


This is bs. The top 1 player doesn’t need to play and we others actually have to grind now to even dream top 1. I’m counting 50-100 wins in a row and ironically you said “less grind”. This is even more grind than pvp has ever been for me before


Does this mean that the monthly PvP is getting delayed. Again?


What VKC said was “less grinding IN THE FUTURE”, though it might be “never ever”.


What was wrong with the system we had last time??


Too oriented around grinding for the top positions. <- talking about VP

With the old, old system it had the issue that once you had high points then you’d gain barely anything from wins (often just 1 point) and lose loads from each loss. <- talking about battle points


Im reiterating.

+1/-1 for fighting within your tier.
+2 for winning above your tier.
-2 for losing below your tier.
+3 for winning 2 above your tier.
-3 for losing 2 below your tier.

And so on for as many tiers as devs want to make.

But if we’re gonna make fights happen within the tiers have to reflect rankings. So if youre gonna be top 50 you have to fight top 50.


I was doing a bit of pvp for some new experience(I’m new) and I encounter this. Do people with strong monsters lurk in Low tier?


Were you in the initial 3 matches where you do “placement matches”? Here it will put you with more random opponents as it finds out where it should place you.