Rank level grind

After playing many games i found out that the most efficient way to grind is the most boring in a game. So after seeing someone do it once i decided that grinding should be auto so it will be done while not playing. Im sure lots of you would like to have this auto option and im just explaining it for those who dont know about it.

So auto clickers. Does it ring a bell? Well thats the cheapest way to rank up while saving tickets too.
Here is the setup and ik its not much exp but its fast and u can get rankups faster. Also its the first poison training for best efficiency.

If there is any problem regarding mods opinion on my post pls dont hesitate to tell me im just trying to help you guys in boring stuff💤

Your genius frightens me

Some guy tried to do that a year ago but a wise mod stopped him :wink:

Well lets see how long we can keep it up😁

Bien venido a Neo monsters xD

yo no hablar mucho espagnol :sweat_smile: so ig i didnt understand all of it


Using programs like this to click the game for you generally breaks ToS and your account may get suspended or banned. I don’t know the Devs’ exact stance for this game but I DO NOT recommend anyone doing this kind of thing. Also, the experience gained from doing this is so small that it’s not worth the effort. It may seem like it is during hero ranks 1-100 but you’re better off progressing at a more natural rate. Being higher hero rank doesn’t mean you earn any extra gems or resources of any kind.

What I DO recommend is using the training dojo to farm training points when you need them. Sometimes we’re busy using tickets in a limited-time event that doesn’t give us training points so we can’t evolve the new monster(s) we’ve got. Training dojo is a quick way to fix that problem. Right now we can only hoard 99 training points at once so we always need to get some more to full train a new legendary/mythic.

P.S. The last stand first battle is the better one to use. It’s literally one move use for the win.

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As long as devs dont say that doing this is wrong i dont find it wrong😁 but id appreciate if they give their opinion about it cuz i rly wanna know if it can cause bans or is it approved to be used.
PS: thx for the tip btw :wink: