Questions about Emeraldeus

I need to know how the camouflage works?
I thought that he will get immune to the first element that strikes him.
Because I tried in a pvp to first use thunder all by armavolt, and then use dobbelt retribution by ziberius witch is water element, but both attacks missed?
Maybe someone can help me out here?

Think of it like a stealth, permanent

How to hit him then?
You can only use single attack?


Wow, that guy got a serious passive skill :fearful::fearful:
Thanks for the answer shomy :blush: won’t waste more dobbelt restrictions on him

Dang, autocorrect really hit hard.

Haha, I didn’t notice :fearful::fearful::fearful::smile::smile:

sleep bomb works on emeraldeus but he’s immune to all move that hit more that one monsters : death sentence , ultra all , dual attack , stun flash and bomb, double ritribution, dual poison eater … But passives still affect him. The best ways to kill him are throw from rexokong, dreamhunt and poison eater.


Zealous attack from Rexkong will take him down. Actually there’s many attacks that can take more than half his HP - without protection he drops like a wet noodle.