PVP Tournament

Now I know the initial criticism for this and the skepticism so I will address it and I think I will do it pretty well.

The initial complaint would be it has been done in the past and it died out: 

The problem was it was tackled all wrong. Originally (a few months back) the rounds were set up so people had an entire week to battle and report it. This is the biggest problem. This means the tournament takes a month to finish. For most mobile games people are over it after a month. The solution, you have two days to report your match then boom the tournament takes a weeks time and everyone is happy and life is good. And honestly matches take like what 10-15 minutes. That is easy to accomplish in two days. 

The next big this would be the players. It is obvious to many people that the community has not died out but has gone down in numbers. I personally don’t even think this is an issue. The people that are left are the dedicated ones that actually care and love this game to death. The idea of a tournament came up in the chat recently and like 4 people were down for one and I can think of another 4 that would probably do it. Boom that is already 8 people and this is only the people I know and I am new to this community. 

How it would be structured. Now I know since the game has been out for a long time this really limits people. Me personally I have a solid team however, I have not been around long enough so my lack of OM’s definitely limits me and I know a lot of people have the same problem. The solution: Arks that can only be captured right this moment. By using only in game arks this puts everyone at the even playing field. We can discuss pvp awarded arks in the comments. 

The one huge and big problem that I do not even have a suggestion for. Prizes. What does the winner get? I mean glory and praise for being the best is obviously a bonus. I mean who doesn’t like to be the best? Amiright? Now obviously having a reward would be cool. Like if there was a way to have the winner get an OG OM then we would be talking. Like if there were an SS on the line I feel like we could do march madness Hunter Island style. But this would require a lot of cooperation from the devs. 

Tell me what you guys think. I personally do not think it is that crazy and could be a lot of fun. Leave some love in the comments. 

I like it, but having an om i dont think would be that fun. Maybe they could be awarded a monster, like shadowstalker or Mossgolem, that is like an alternate version. The same stats and moves, but a different color or a different style of art. Like shadowstalker could be awarded as a nightmare version, where its black with red eyes.

Yeah, tournaments would be cool.

I also like the idea of only arks that can be obtained in the wild.

The prize would be an important part to motivate players to join in and spare some time to get it done quickly.

This game has such a huge potential and it is a shame to see the devs slowly giving up on it to release new ones.

Come on devs, lets keep this game alive.

Yeah thats why i put og om so its like an old om that no one could get. But I love the idea of making it look different. It would have the same satisfaction as getting a shiny in pokemon.