Longest winning streak

Had an incredibly lucky run. Currently 26 and counting.

Woah, nice! You go Bahiew! Keep it up! ^7^

I’m currently on my longest winning streak at 23 so far

Nice. I can only get to like 13 before it glitches on me.

Only 6 winning streak for me…
Keeps saying I’m defeated… Even though I clearly won

Mine was 29 :stuck_out_tongue: I had 26 pvp fights with the same guy over and over ( could see cuz of the arks he used ) and he lost every single fight so yeah Happy Diamonds for me 

Okay impossible lol … Once you beat him 3x times ina row then you guys wouldnt be in same league .

I dont know how maybe he was a hacker but i clearly saw the same arkadions over and over again.

I feel your pain.

New record for me and amazingly no glitch so far

39 and counting!

You’re the stun+penguin dude, no? If you battled someone and lost, but the glitch happened and you won, then that was me.

You said the glitch didn’t happen to you, but not necessarily that it didn’t happen to your opponent.

But yeah…a hacker got really lucky with bonus actions with Stegospike and kamiwyrm…then I got glitched twice, demoted…brought myself back up…started getting a winning streak…glitched, lost…I try again, I win…just finished my last battle…glitched.

On the bright side, you still get diamonds.

Aye, but I don’t need Kamiwyrm. Not a huge fan of it.

I’ll only replace a few monsters on my team. Probably Cryo, hydra, and cyber.

You’re replacing things with Cyro, Hydra, and Cyber or you’re replacing them out?

Because I think those are some of the best arkadions in the game… :o


I wasn’t a beta. I don’t have them. xD

Oh, well, I thought maybe you had a list you developed based off of feedback haha

Ah. Yeah, I could just copy Ashley’s team if I wanted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Naw, I find an arkadion’s looks to be important, which is why Ashie and I don’t see eye-to-eye with PVP teams.

Really, Tiberius? Because in the fights we just had, you were using some real ugly Arkadions…

  1. ANYTHING is better than Roidguard.
  2. I just started usin that last team for fun.
  3. I’m replacing my important ugly ones with important cool ones…the ones I listed above.
  4. did I mention Roidguard?