PvP Report and Test Your Team have been updated!

What’s up everybody!

The report for last PvP event (Masters Cup, cost limit 173) has released! Test Your Team has been updated too (Masters Cup only).

On the list, somehow our Moji has become more and more popular, as well as its little buddy, Rockoid!

3 Shocking Entrance monsters are all on the Top 10 Most used Legendaries list :wacko:

Do you find something else interesting?

Is the moji spawn by gloreonix counted ?

You should play against lochi. He’ll show you why they are all used so much.

I found chromera in 4th and 6th place of the 5th spot ranking.

3 shockers and not a Leo in sight.
Also no icefang it seems

I’m not noticing an updated test your team at all…

No, it only counts the monsters in your team slots.

Well, I have experienced being destroyed by that last PvP. I have 2 shocker in my team too.

The 4th one has Secret Skill unlocked. I take them a different monster. Sorry for confusing.

Motor is the most popular fifth. Why am I not surprised… <_<

Mossgoliath on 5th spot?

Chromera wall.

They are all used because you do a stun burst combo and lock your opponent out of the game. Once the first stun hits all 4 monsters its game over you will stun all monsters for 700+ and kill all your opponent reinforcement before finishing the stunned monsters.

Motor intends to give 2 bronzeshells to the opponent which will help setup the stun combo easly.

You can look at one of my recent pvp videos to see how the stun combo works.

Well a special request might come to mind possibly. Maybe leogeist are too scared to being put into the midlane since there are too many CKs.

Also, it’s ironic to think their weaknesses is themselves. The CKs that is. And excluding slayerbanes.

met someone that took over my monsters from the beginning.

If you’re counting legendaries with and without secret skills as two separate monsters then they’re not going to appear on these lists much compared to legendaries which don’t have the option for a secret skill.

The shocking entrance legendaries are awesome and definitely stand out as some of the most useful legendaries from the standard 40 as you go into the late-game. As long as you can remove any stun protection they have, the 160s stun is a huge help for giving you the win. The fact you can sendback for a second huge stun makes them even better.

I was surprised not to see Aurodragon in there, probably because of the secret skill split. Good to see Deodragon isn’t so common too since I know there’s a lot of hate for him.

There’s a definite lack of sleep monsters all over these results. It’s all stun, overwatch, team turn, backstab/cannibalise and Banedragon. I guess auto-poisoners are more common than this says but there are three so any individual one doesn’t crop up as much.

Slowly sleeping/dreamhunt enemies to death with gold is only for the patient ones ;p.

My rival’s utopion has been stunned for nearly 600s, but my timestrike all cannot even make it hg. Please change timestrike all to timestrike double if it is so useless.

Maybe they were on stealth (?)

Nope, defenitly not !!! I also noticed this Stuff while a mon was stunned to 350 sec or above, it did Not killed a tt or seraphron! And btw, they werent buffed or stealthed, it was during pve Match during a pvp Training Match , it also happend a few times im pvp and it totally fucked up !!! Timestrike all should Kill all enemys if One got 300 sec or more, but obviously it doesnt ! Tell me Why ?

No, this is an old pvp problem of timestrike all reported for several months.