PvP no time limit

After discussion on the line forum a lot of us agree that there should be no time limit on PvP. It should be open all the time and be able to continuously play it.
From this it will also be better if there were no tickets involved and you can play when you want and not be worried about DC. This is obviously with no rules. Rewards can be based on daily rewards or wins etc.
Over time the devs should release PvP with rules like cost limit and specific elements etc. But this shouldn’t effect the PvP which is open all the time.

I highly agree with this idea to have a permanent PvP. It has become an issue for a long time that players who are in the mid/end game have pretty much nothing to do in the game after they’ve finished the events (which mostly take just a couple minutes to do). An exception would be maybe the Ultimate Challenge, which isn’t all that frequently either. 

Like already mentioned, the rewards could be based on win amounts or maybe build in a season system which lasts for maybe 2 weeks and give rewards depending on the reached wins or so. 

Heck, many people would like to play PvP without any reward at all because it’s simply the most fun thing to do in the game. 

A permanent PvP would definitely help the players to stay attached to the game and make them stay active so the overall gaming experience would highly improve. 

I really hope the devs will take the idea into consideration. 

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like we were suggesting make PvP like hunter island and give a really good reward that will take a long long time to get like kamiwyrm on hi

PvP with rules like only one type monsters would be great too. Also rules like only SE/Epic from time to time will be amazing.
I highly agree with permanently PvP :wink:

RAF Arash

No time limit ?

So it means if a opponent doesn’t want to move he waits hours and hours - the result- you give up , because no one wants to wait so long…
And second: how do you want get 40, or 60 wins if some of them wait so long for a move…

You have no time pressure, you could think more what would happen you kill a monster or okay defense .

Only type specific PVP would be cool :sunglasses:

just to clear this up, the thread is meant to be no limit of number of battles, so no tickets or anything to use to play just you can go in whenever you want

I really like this idea. There could be some kind of “seasons” which last a few weeks or months or something with rewards at the end of the season! Would definitely keep me more involved.

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Definitely agree with this, adding seasons would also be really cool

The reason we put the tickets there is because a few players lose on purpose in order to lower their Battle Point so they can fight noobies, destroying the noobies, thrashing the noobies, torturing the noobies, traumatising the noobies… This act is purely cruel and against humanity!

However I will remove ticket for next PvP event as the first step and see how it goes.


Fighting noobies is actually hard. I have to give double free wins to stay low, suffer everlasting matching bugs and enjoy various auto loses.

The reason people, myself included, lose on purpose is only because the rewards are win based. So if you get your set amount of wins, and then have extra tickets, there is a strong incentive to lose the remaining games so that next event you can get your wins more easily again. This problem would be completely solved if rewards were win % based, or rating based or something like that. Rewards based on number of wins always feels kind of boring to me. Basically all I have to do is win 50% of games and I get the prize. No challenge, just a grind. Seasons or ranking rewards would be a huge improvement!

They have to have it be based on wins though otherwise not everyone will be able to get them.

I personally would take a CR approach to the rewards: give a max of 2 gems a day, 3 wins in order to get one of them. Let them stack up to 5.

Then every once in a while add surprises in instead of a gem.

that’s a good start :slight_smile: tbh most of us would be happy with 0 rewards in unlimited PvP, so there would be no reason to drop down in points

That’s fantastic news! Hopefully it will slowly improve PvP play and the next step could be keeping it open all the time.

PVP without timelimit and without prizes would be cool, and for playing every player earns a few Exp. Points :slight_smile:
Everyone would play :slight_smile:

And every 2 or 3 weeks a PVP event for a few days.
Where you can fight other players like before with prizes. But remove that 100 win prize.
People like me that work couldn’t ever reached this, cause we haven’t the time

Personally, I like the removal of tickets simply because that way I can just spend my Saturday getting the rewards and be done with it. Pvp currently feels like a weekend long commitment that I don’t have all that much time for currently. So if you remove tickets then I will probably participate more.

I am one of these shameful players. I got top 50 the one time I did try to win at least most of my matches (retreated from about 20). My reason is not because I want to destroy noobs but because of the time it takes to stay on top of the tokens.

Fights seem to take roughly 6-10 minutes so with one coming every 50 minutes that’s a good 15% of my life I’m pouring into PvP each day for 5 days (3hrs 36mins). That’s amazing fun if I do have the time, or for others who do, but can be a huge grind and if coupled with other intensive limited time events… well, you can see my problem.

My solution is to retreat from every fight before I go to bed at night then in the morning I will do a few before then retreating to get my tokens down to 0 and get on with my day. For the rest of the day I’ll play when I get the time and if my tokens start getting high it’s time to retreat. In all honesty I get sucked in so much I play a lot more of the matches than I probably should if I want to have a productive day but retreating is essential for me to grind to the 60 wins.

I know it’s bad that I spend my time destroying the low-mid tier players but in some ways my consistent grinding means I’m helping boost up so many other people (the ones I retreat from). So I give and I take. I usually get to play some of the big players out there because my battle points creep high when I sit down and get consistent wins but I definitely miss out on some good matches because I don’t keep my battle points high.

I think there’s nothing wrong with the design of PvP and it would be incredibly tricky to implement a design in which strong players fight stronger players, weak players fight weak players and all get rewarded for both time and performance. PvP is also one of those things which allows those who have a lot of free time to have a proper gaming session on neo monsters, always a good thing. I really like that the duel arena is in there as a permanent fixture for friendly matches.

I guess maybe there could be a “friendly matchup” mode in the duel arena which matched you with a random player (i.e. no friend code needed) and battle points were simply a 1-10 rating, a win adding one and a loss taking one away. Rewards could be something like:
each match win - 10k silver
each match loss - 2k silver
daily achievement of 2 wins - de-age fruit
weekly achievement of 10 wins - 2 gems

I think that would be a fun place for people to go have some friendly PvP matches when they want to spend time doing that. If not enough people were in there playing it then a few extra rewards could be added like:
20 weekly wins - 1x 5* bonus potion
30 weekly wins - 1x 6* bonus potion

Add again ranking rewards more atractive than winning rewards… that will stop hunting newbies.

Like that .the old players will lose to have low points and get easy wins .even with the tickets and time limit some players keep doing that