Pvp help pls

What have you tried?

Yes get shredded I’ll post my team

Any tips or is my line up trash

I’m going to ask you to dissect your lineup. Is it trash or not? Dissect as in evaluate it from the ground up.

Ok in what manor

What do you think of your lineup?

Well I get wrecked in pvp thought someone might know a way to help my line up

When you get wrecked , observe what enemy team is doing and try to learn from it… that’s a good start for you …
Your team is highly disjointed and don’t coordinate well… You have some really nice monsters …

For example, you can bring in Ur goldtail or stormloch after solblaze cos of it’s sleep revenge (won’t work against poison teams ) .
Or have that dualdragon near geartyrant for knockbacks or one on one with blazebones or bitterbeast-horse guy combo… There are so many options for you to experiment … try to switch around and test your team.

Ok I appreciate the advice

Yes, but can you figure out why is the question. what is the reasoning behind your team? What keeps killing your team?

Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for the rest of his life.

You still have a lot of costs left, and a lot of incredible monster left too. You should use them strategically.

Cost means nothing if it don’t stack right to form a strategy