PVP glitches

Any idea how the game decide when the game disconnect?5 yes today I face opponents and then game freezes and never shows me any sign of disconnection and then 5 mins later the game shows me defeats,how does the game decide who wins?

thats right bro , so many matches i have 4 monster to come and oppnent has 2 only in the field ,game frozen defeat.

I had a glitch against Michael, I beat him and then 2 random bronzeshells spawned and i received a defeat for no apparent reason

I had a glitch vs unown

Had shocking enterance next
He used surviver killed his monster and mine he had bitterbeast next the shocking enterance did not stun anyone and it didnt stun bitterbeast too

Bitterbeast has the most glitches in this game,overwatch with stun absorb is too much for the game to handle

Laxtankk, could you try to recall how this happened? We have heard this one, but it is hard to recreate this issue on our end.

What monsters did you and Michael have? I guess there was Motordragon or something triggers Bronzeshell, did it last to the end game, or died in the mid game?

Unown’s Bitterbeast is on the battlefield before shocking entrance enters? No revenge effect triggers overwatched Bitterbeast when shocking entrance comes in?

Unown bitterbeast wasnt on the field. It was the next monster in line and i had no revenge monster on the field other then ziburs which is a stun effect too

At the end of each match sometimes monster’s passives trigger in weird ways. I once ended with burnsalot on the field and the enemy got rockoids and I got a defeat. Really weird.

I have had 4 rockoids show then get defeat against bosan few pvps ago

I never had an end match with bronzes/rockoids bug (maybe cuz i dont use monsters with those passives), but i always have a stun/poison bug at the end, which doesnt give me a defeat but it does relate to passives i use in my team. I mean, when i win - my momsters get poisoned/stunned/both.

So maybe zard is right and theres a bug related to passives