A PvP freeze glitch / bug

I’ve had two games freeze while i’m playing PvP. I think during both of them it’s due to overwatch activating when the monster has a shield. In both cases it was a titanmoth and a dusicyon. Sorry to the two players it happened to! Devs can you take a look?

Not only you…game Froze is always a save lost…f***** ******* ******* **** ******* ******.

Happened a third time. Definitely a shielded overwatch is the cause :frowning:

Am also suffering from this bug.

This is how it works if more then one monster has a shield and one monster has overwatch and opponent aoe triggering overwatch and breaking the shield the game freezes after that you receive a loss.

I believe we have found promising solution for this issue. We will try our best to fix it before rank PvP starts.

Sorry for the issue :sweat:

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No probs. Thank you!!