PVP Event Reward Glitch

Greetings of the day!!! My IGN is DMG Devil007.Today the Season 35 of PVP Battle Arena ended and Rewards were given out an hour back. I stood 86th in the Leaderboards. And as per my standings I should’ve received 4 units of Gandalfrog making it +3. To my dismay I got it as a single copy. I think there is some kind of glitch. Kindly look in to the same. Awaiting your response. @Dev_VKC @Killerdog

P.S. I am enclosing few images of the reward as well as my standing to confirm my claims.

Thanks & Regards,
DMG Devil007.


I think 3 epic potions are given to upgrade the monster.As per, ranking rewards, you shouldn’t get 3 epic potions. They were given to upgrade the monster to +4. This time is little different compared to last PvP.

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This is most certainly the case. And 3 epic pots is hardly worth pursuing anyway…

I was surprised to see Gandalfrog was already “evolved” I was trying to look for it in the training session list and thought I hadn’t got it from the rewards :sweat_smile:

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That possibly may be the case.

It’s not about 3 epic potions. I already have it stacked. But why waste an inventory if you can get it.