Pvp doesn't work

Been trying to do pvp for a few days now and it never works. If I go on league play it says waiting for opponent and after roughly a minute it just goes back to the game. If I invite someone for a match it’ll say waiting for opponent for ages and nothing happens. And when people invite me I get nothing through. My net isn’t the best but it was good enough to download the game and do the online missions and can use skype/FaceTime so I can’t see that it is down to my net. Someone help please

I’m uncertain about the invites, but if no one is looking for a battle at the same time as you when you PvP, it will direct you back to the game. So you can PvP in fact, it’s just that no one is PvPing at that moment, which is a real bummer if you live in a timezone where fewer players are active. I know many of us are in the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. And I think I saw some Japanese players around as well. 

Please don’t attack me if I forgot your country, I’m just listing off the ones I’m aware of. :open_mouth:

Yeah I sort of understand with the league play but not invites. I had a mod try and invite me and he couldn’t and he didn’t get my invite through either

What ios version are you on?


Oh, iOS7, that troublemaker! I don’t have it but I have heard bad things about it. It may be why you’re having difficulties.

Just annoying. I really wanna play pvp