PvP not working

HEy can someone help with my pvp matches? Like with i’ll keep pressing “find opponent” but instead it just takes me to the main screen of the town im in. Also when i try to press invite a friend to play, it restarts my app. Does anyone what the problem is? I really want to play online

Hmm try to do the following steps:

  1. Sign out of gamecenter

  2. restart your device

  3. sign back into gamecenter

  4. try to pvp. 

That should solve the problem hopefully

My pvp isnt working as well! I cant Find ppl , when i press the search button it keeps searching forever !

P.S. I can fight friends

yeah try the same advice i wrote earlier.

I tried that several times, not working for me

So I’ve tried that so many times today and it still isn’t working. Could it be a bug or something?

It happened to me a while a go I just logged out of Game Center and logged back in and it got fixed

I guess ill give it another shot. I really hope it works or otherwise there’s nothing else to do after it

I have not been able to find a pvp match in 4 days. I try 4-5 times per day and it just times out after a minute or two. Every time. Have logged out of Game Center. Restarted app. Restarted device. Doesn’t matter. No match. I give up.