Haste issue in pvp


Is this normal?

My haste doesn’t work in pvp.

Before and after, the action points remain the same


Its normal, even though the TU cost doesn’t decrease it actually decreases, e.g: you use haste then glazio show chain ice 100 TU, after you use Chain ice, glazio will only gain 62 TU, don’t overcast your haste spell


The problem I had if I reference to your example is when I cast haste. Glazio’s chain ice still shows 100.

Happens only in pvp.

On some battles it did decrease but it is like 3/10 times that it happens

I am wondering if it is an ark ability that prevents haste from having an effect


Actually, I believe there is a similar. If there was, say, a puffoxin in your enemy’s team and they used plague, it decreases your speed by 30%.