Stun absorb seconds broken in Island Challenge

We’re on the - what, 4th island challenge? - by now, and this still hasn’t been resolved so I imagine it’s unlikely to.

But just flagging it anyway in case the devs aren’t aware - the seconds from a stun absorb are completely out of whack with regular battles and rather illogical. A regular 80s stun entrance/revenge will be absorbed for 240s in a regular battle in any other challenge, but in island challenge the stun absorber gets hit for over 700s. It means any stun whatsoever effectively puts your stun absorber out for the entirety of the battle. Given the stun should only hit for a total of 320s, I can’t for the life of me work out how it’s stunning for such an insane amount.

Yeah, I just noticed this too after absorbing > 900 seconds worth of stun.

Just wanted to add to this - I’ve noticed it’s only my stun absorbers that absorb around 3x as much stun as normal. The AI stun absorbers take a normal amount (240s stun from a stun entrance, whereas literally two turns earlier my absorber got hit for ~700s from the exact same stun entrance mon).