another AP spam complaint but not actually pvp related??

I like the new changes to mythic colosseum but could we not face ap spam teams? I can deal with them just fine with a pve cani frontline I’ve been using, but it gets boring and I wanted to try out OoO with the new mythic.

We have a higher chance to meet teams that the partner mythic is supposedly good against. Since he is poison we’re meeting teams with shields in them… which means higher chance for the Dusicyon AP spam teams.

Agree like we haven’t enough already with soooooooo much AP Spam in PvP

Double poison eater doesn’t exactly work that well when it keeps getting redirected by stealthed rocks

i meet my pvp team in this ev , 10 vs 16 monster



I just lost to ap spam again so now I’ve switch to using twiggy and the piercing SE with cani. A bit boring but ten times more reliable.

I just put the mythic last, cba to team build :joy: