Puffoxin Location

Anybody know where I can get it ? The abiltity might prove useful in the master league

It’s in the online mission , chapter 3 , fire valley , dungeon.
That’s where you get the fully evolved one.

I think there’s a 1st revolve state in the sorry somewhere …
Not sure where tho

Do you know where Rhynohorn and Horus are?

I got rhyno but dont recall where, Horus is in a dungeon on the 2nd or 3rd island hard to get make sure you have a good squad

Rhyno is at desert island, directly south from one of the cities like 15 steps

On a tiny island, you walk across a sandbar to get there I think


Actually you can find it in Tropical Isles, around west of the warp ‘Weikan’, it is pretty close to the western edge of the island~~

wasnt able to find puffoxin in these locations… could anyone possibly post a screenshot?

i caught him in the fire dungeon chapter 3 of the online missions he pops up regularly

In my opinion, if u guys add the key system, then I don’t think it’s necessary to add the ticket system or inversely. This two systems contradict each other

agreed having keys & energy is having like 2 energy systems
agreed having keys & energy is having like 2 energy systems

I found it here on the third try

Even if they kept both systems just had them not interlinked say keys for the fruit ingredients and silver and the tickets for the online story also I think the key timers are a bit high especially the silver

the timers for both are far too high, and having both systems in place is borderline insanity lol. one of the worst systems i have ever seen bar none.