Best monsters

What are the best monsters you can catch without egg spins?

You can catch epics on the final island but the fights are very difficult

minitaur, many dungeon monsters (especially on 2nd island, but most in general) are good. musharoo as well.

Voltiger and Infernowyrm are great
Also Puffoxin and Rhynobrawl

I accidentally started the fruit mission with only gigarock. I soloed it with last bite lol whoops

Hi, where do i find puffoxin and infernowyrm? On which island near which warp?

Infernowyrm is from a rare dungeon late game I think, no clue about puffoxin

Infernowyrm is found in the dungeon after the last trainer on the 2nd to last island if I recall correctly.

Puffoxin you find by water - don’t recall the island. An island with water, obviously. He’s on more than one island

Felimancer, if his kit is still the same, is a nice farmable.

As are all bomb and combos (hellataur, or the Rosa+Horus combo)