Goldfleece and goldram base monster location

Does anyone know where the base form of goldram and goldfleece is located. I checked the wiki page and it has no info. Thanks

I think it’s goldlamb and it might be in dungeons online can’t guarantee that though

I’ll re look at chp 1, chp 2 has goldfleece. Thanks

I’ve been wondering about Goldlamb too! If I find it I’ll let ya know

Found it! Goldlamb is in Chapter 1 > Lost Temple > Dungeon

Did you guys find Prometheo (No. 234)?

Yeah, I believe you can find it in the same place as Goldlamb :3

Really? Seems I need to try again.

I found prometheo in chp 2 dungeons not sure which one maybe fire.
Keep an eye out for joustfish I have marlspin but again can’t find the base.

Joustfish is always catchable. Just nobody updates wikia for that. I forgot where I found it, but you’d better try all water areas in Desert Island (especially the middle of the map).


Went stormbottle hunting today. Chapter 2 air realm dungeon and found prometheo

Last catchable I’m missing is archeloth and his base. The wiki doesn’t say anything, but I swear I fought it in a pvp.

I made that part in wikia. At least before last update, these two are not catchable. I guess the developers add them in some online chapters.

Great. Thanks.

I looked around on the forum to see if this question had already been addressed, and I don’t think you can capture it (at least not at the moment). Kinda stinks :c but the game isn’t quite finished after all. 

Also, sorry kocowind Dx I should have double checked my facts beforehand, but I went with my gut (something I should really learn not to do, seeing as mine is more consistently erroneous than correct). 

Anyone know where to catch puffor which is the base form of pufoxin?

Puffor is in water dungeon of chapter 2.