not sure if this would go in here or off topic so if u need to move it fine by me. but I was jw what are the promotion points for ur account. such as how many posts u need to get from rookie to the next stage (forgot the next stage ;)) all the way down to when u get to change ur title name. thanks in advance. like I said if u need to move this this is ok with me cuz im sure I put this in the wrong thread :wacko:

I was wondering the same thing, I think the level after “rookie” is the one I am !

Yeah, sorry bud I’m going to have to move it to Off-Topic as it has nothing to do with the actual game and is more about the forum.

lol I knew I put it in the wrong thing. but does any one know this? the thing im asking?

I remember 600 is legendary Hunter.

I thought 600 was that u could change ur title? I know that u stay at grand master hunter for a while…
Also I like ur picture byebye :slight_smile:

600 you can change and you turn to a legendary Hunter.  That is why you can change your title. :wink:

I think MAYBE 100 or 400 for grand master hunter… Tbh i really dont know

And fo’ sure 600 for for title change