Different Member Titles

I see that some people have special member titles, like Jeannette has ‘‘The Collector’’ and Tiberius ‘‘The Dragon Legend’’. Me, it’s just ‘‘Expert Hunter’’. How do you change that ?

Go to the “edit my profile” thingy and try that? That’s what we did.

I think it happens after a certain amount of posts

I know I couldn’t do it when I first tried it

Oh yeah, it must be unlocked after reaching Legendary Hunter. That explains why Jeanette and I are the only members (not staff) that can do it

We are special :blush:

Thanks, do you know how much posts are required to be legendary hunter ?


Oh my…

Halfway there!!!

Ull make it:P

Yeah, it’s very, very surprising how fast your posts accumulate. 

But it doesn’t matter, because we’ll still love you. ‘7’

Well its time to start spamming all over the forums… Jk :slight_smile:

Lol u’r 500 posts behind that point

Holy cow!  And here I’m not even over 400 yet.  And I’ve been here for almost 6 months.

Im here since november , and im at 1024… Kinda addicted dont u think?:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe? I remember I used to be so overhyped about HI. I even started a story on it and drew comics. But, uh… I don’t do it as often now. I still love HI though. ^^

I notice I have… 1.9k posts? And I really, really don’t understand how.

Ill surpass u soon

^That’s kinda scary xD

Yeah 1000 posts in 2 months o_o Thats like… *does math*  16.3 posts a day!

…I’ve been here since august… i dont have tht many posts…