Problems catching the lost crown

3 times trying to catching the lost crown and finished winning the event and the crown doesn’t appear, doesn’t captured and the tickets go away.

Please re-read the description for the event.

Its really depends on luck, so have patient.
Some reply 10 times try and no result.

F2P Arash

Glad i got it first try. But anyways read description as he said,be patient. First try u didnt get it,wait. Try again later. Dont do back to back(if only u want to rank up)

Can a mod just pin a page about the lost crown. Every event there is a thread about it

Beat me to it

i don’t think it can be really resolved by a pinned thread. In fact, the description of this event in game is detailed enough. 

Caught it after seven tries…Just try try and try…it will eventually appear…