Personal record: The lost Crown jewels

It may be that you spend more than 180 tickets and the “Crown” has not left once. Can you please review this? @Dev_VKC It is really annoying. Take only the last 2 images.
Or put a counter, after the third time it does not come out, leave if or yes.
I will accumulate again to see when I can get it … Thank you!

PD: Did it happen to someone else?


This time and the last one it took very long to get them, usually I got them at the third try but now it takes more then ten to get both.


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had the worst luck today that I’ve had in a looooooong time… blew 150 tickets and nothing so far. Will keep trying I suppose.

LOL! I’m not the only one :sweat_smile:

I got the grail on the second try. 6 times later still no crown… -.-

everything was normal for me 3 tries for grail and 1 for crown

Read this and had to try it out. Got both first try

I got both first try too. I’ve been getting very lucky these last few months and got them in 2 tries on average.

A long time ago I once got very unlucky. It was at the time only the crown battle was there. I had to use 500+ tickets to get it. I’ve had a few other times it took ~300 tickets to get the crown and grail, but not very often.

I got both with 90 tickets :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel like the grailing has a less chance to appear. For me it’s the one that sucks up the most tickets

I got the grailing 1st try this time but I’m waiting for more tickets for the crown.

Ok streak ended at 6 for me. Still waiting on tickets for the crown now

240 tickets for “Crown” and 120 for “Holy Grail” seems too much for such a simple event.

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If it’s a 30% chance each, then it should average to 3 attempts, which is 90. Due to the unreliability though, it could just as easily be 30 or 300. That’s just kinda the nature of rng.

Finally got the crown 12 attempts later.

just got both in one try each

Little slow on the draw there, buddy.

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