Has Master Plan in Showdown At Old Corrlean become Really Tough

Hi there Newbie here,
was trying out the Online event, Part of showdown At Old Corrlean(Master Plan stage), is it me or the Event seems buffed because of latest buff to Tridrakhan? Is anyone else also facing the same issue?
Any help will be appreciated.

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Bro this is the easiest one at least for me you can watch videos of it on yt and use a little bit of brain it becomes really easy

Ok tell me his team

Yes indeed he would after the update at least


Ok first take out the fire bird and then take out the tridragon if it does not work I will give it a go

Kill Tia(can’t spell the full name the earth auto posioner) before God feather enters
Also while killing a Death Revenge mon(like Ultimadragon) make sure the next mon is 50tu+
For the 2nd battle
I would say it is quite tough
Tridrakhan will Target Penguinator but you have an Archseraph(might be misremembering the name but it’s a holy 5 star with purify and stun entry) to purify and heal him
Save Slayerbane all for the last moment also you have an epic Megabomb (4 star water elem)
Keep using stealth teammate to make him survive till the bomb charges and use it after slayerbane all

I restarted the event bcz someone asked and managed to beat it like this :sweat_smile:

Skip with Typhoon drag
Stun pulse chrono titan then time strike (with Typhoon drag) Accelerate with Earth starter before killing chronotitan use unwanted friends
Use retribution to kill Tia
After this it should be just skip and last bite

image no holy

I meant that for 2nd battle
After u beat it there will be another one
U need to win both to complete the last battle