Problem" connecting to server"

Having problems accessing online content
Gets stuck on “connecting to server” and then goes to homescreen.
It takes multiple tries to even open events.
It started after the update.

I’m using iPhone 5s
iOS 9.2.1

I have tried:-
1)restart game
2)restart phone

* Internet connection is NOT the problem here.

Any help would be appreciated.

Same here

ok its good now

No it’s not,it has got to be server problem or something else

I recommend to try reinstall app and use restore code.

@SoL Navelstan
Thanks for the reply.
I will try it.

What’s going on
can’t access to online server…
It has been 30 min till now I can’t access to online…

Count me in

Same here, unable to access online

Can’t access online now. :3


We are sorry about the issue. One of our servers is not working very well for some reasons.

It will affect some players. 

We are fixing it right now and will hand out a gem(s) for compensation later.

Cool, thanks for the info

Boredom is real :joy:

No online content… whats going on?! :frowning:

Well myn working now

It should have been fixed.

Thanks :sunglasses:

I’m asking the same thing I was expecting to wake up to something new.

What year was it? Im facing the same issue. What am i supposed to do?