Update inaccessible

So there’s a new update

As you can see here but I can’t access it on playstore

So you are also an Indian just like me it was also not accessible for me for the first time just watch videos of carryminaty until you are tired and then go to sleep!:wink:

I dont understand the need to show your class but, try restarting your phone and opening neo again.

I did it already but no benefit. I tryed it on an iphone too but again nothin’ showed up

You arseholes should focus on what’s this thread is about it

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Ok then, delete your post now

Sure i support non violence and i am not as bad as you think

I’m from there too. But it is working for me…

So jmi have updated the game now but the only thing I see is cannot connect to online server. Seriously at 1 Gbps wifi connection and hell of a processor in my phone, i can’t connect to online server ?!
@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD